Our next Open Day at the Thomas Walker Convalescent Hospital (Rivendell)
will be held on Sunday 30th July, 2023.

You can view more information about the Estate at the City Of Canada Bay Heritage Society website


We are privileged to be allowed to conduct these Open Days and we want to know that we will be welcomed back another time. This information is to protect our continued use of the site and for you to have an enjoyable day.

The gates will be open from 9:30 am until approximately one hour after the last tour. Admission is by pre-booked ticket only. You may spend as much time on the grounds as you wish until the gates close. The only restriction is to be on time for your tour.

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ENTRY AND PARKING: The entry gates are at the end of Hospital Road. You can drive through and park on the left around the one-way circular drive. Please do not park on the grass.

TOUR OF BUILDING: Please report, with your ticket, at the front door (facing the river) 15 minutes before the start of your tour where you will be introduced to your guide. The tour will take approximately one hour.

If you are late for your designated time we may not be able to fit you in to another tour immediately.

GUIDES & GROUPS: Groups are limited to 20 people to enable the guide to better interact with their group.

RESTRICTIONS: Because of the nature of the work at Rivendell we are only allowed into some parts of the building. We ask that you only go into the rooms where your guide take you – and that you remain with your guide at all times.

If you are bringing children it will be your responsibility to keep them with you at all times.

There is no lift access to the first floor of the main building. If you feel that you would have difficulty negotiating the stairs there is a comfortable area on the ground floor where you can sit and wait for your group to come down before continuing the tour. We no longer have access from the first floor up into the tower.

There is no wheelchair access to the upper floors of the main building. No strollers or prams will be allowed into the main building.

OUTBUILDINGS: The Joanna Walker Children’s Cottage Hospital and the Gate House (wharf) will also be open. You can visit these at any time. One of our members will be there to tell you about the building and its history.

CAMERAS are permitted on the day.

PUBLICATIONS: Two books by Patricia Skehan, The Walkers of Yaralla ($25.00) and Where the Blue Wattle Grows ($15.00) as well as other publications will be available for sale in the Devonshire Tea area.

These are always available at our museum at 1 Bent Street, Concord.

CATERING: Devonshire Teas can be purchased during the day and you can purchase a barbecue lunch and cold drinks from our BBQ Trailer.

RUBBISH: Please dispose of all rubbish thoughtfully. Help us to keep the grounds neat so that we will be
welcomed back for further Open Days.

TOILET FACILITIES: There are very limited toilet facilities.

BAD WEATHER: We expect to be able to run our tours even if raining. If we need to vary or cancel tour arrangements we’ll advise you by email.

COVID-19: If you have been advised to isolate or are feeling unwell please do not attend. Get in contact and we will give you a credit against a future tour booking.

For more information about the day please download our visitor information PDF:

Thomas Walker Convalescent Hospital (Rivendell) Open Day Information